Testimonials From Tertiary College Students


Pic by Katherine Muick-Mere.


Themekile Mzimba, Boston Media College, 2013

This was an amazing course. I would personally love to be in another class or have a full semester course in third year. It taught me how to criticize my work in a constructive way, I grew in weeks as a writer. At first I didn’t think I was good enough to do this but was surprised when Pippa said that my script was actually very good. I took all the comments from the group because it’s also good to do group discussions. Please make this a course in third year because I believe my writing will be worldwide understood and recognized if we continue these classes. It takes time to be good, so having this course will give us that time to be perfectly crafted. I personally loved it and can’t wait for another session. Next Year in third year!! Please!!! Make it a subject in Boston.

Lydia Cossa, Boston Media College, 2013

Pippa’s class has taught me a lot in terms of scriptwriting and the structuring process, and I think that we should have more of this course or make it permanent so that we can gain more knowledge that the video course cannot offer us. I wish we could have this class next year as part of our video 3 course ’cause it will help us in terms of our writing and knowledge.

Bokang Koatja, IQU 2 Film Studio, 2013

I feel like my mind has opened up to a world of possible stories. I feel more confident about the stories I write because of the steps Pippa took us through. I’m also confident about the fact that by the end of this course that I will be equipped with the skill to put my ideas on paper and turn them into captivating stories! I’ve been wanting to do a screenwriting course for quite some time now! Thank you for this marvelous opportunity!

Cikewa Bellafonte Mashalogu, Boston Media College, 2013

I believe that Pippa’s training has broadened my knowledge of how films are produced, from inception of the concept to research and development and production. The course gives you a better understanding of how stories are constructed and I think this course should be implemented as part of the video syllabus or as a separate semester course. It was very informative and I enjoyed it very much.

Clea Tselentis, IQU 2 Film Studio, 2013

Even after one lesson I had seriously learnt a lot. I was a bit nervous starting the course because I had never written anything that could be called a story. But in a couple of minutes I was surprised at how easily plots and characters were coming out of me. The way Pippa structures the lessons really makes it easy to feel comfortable and confident. I am certainly looking forward to the next lessons and to finish writing the story properly. I always felt the Film Industry was out of my reach even though I am so passionate about it. But after starting with Pippa’s lessons I feel like I’m actually on my way.


Jether Mukisa, AFDA Film School, 2012

She’s the one!!

Mel B, AFDA Film School, 2012

I ❤ Miss Dyer She is Awesome!!

Roberto Casaletti, AFDA Film School, 2012

Pippa is more than a lecturer … as she puts the initiative on herself to make sure that each student performs at their best.

Monique Victor, AFDA Film School, 2012

Miss Dyer always gives me critique without compromising the integrity of my work!

Siviwe Gxowa, AFDA Film School, 2012

Ms Dyer always goes the extra mile. She’s concerned about your project instead of her time after 5.

Jessica Dix, AFDA Film School, 2012

Pippa Dyer has treated my writing/assignments with honesty and respect, and through doing so, encouraged and motivated me to really involve myself in the subject and work harder, while her ongoing help and encouragement has made the entire process enjoyable and fulfilling.